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    Should We Add Some Plants in Our Home

    Today we want to share with you a home decor idea about the Modern Industrial style. The house is located in Moscow, Russia.  The area of the house is 50.8㎡. The living room is 19.2 ㎡. The bedroom is 9.8㎡. bathroom 5.1 ㎡. kitchen 10.2㎡. The whole style of the house is Calm and simple. And the decor elements are not only the Rebar, cement, black-gray metal elements. As we can see from the image, the big wall is white color. and the cabinets in Kitchen are in a light color.  and the bathroom is in the Dark green wall paint. I think the most important is the blue color…

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    The Designer is So “Lascivious”

    As we know the color is playing a very important role in the home decor. Color has an important influence on people’s psychological activity. Especially the personal emotions and relationships. People’s first feeling is vision. on the other hand, the biggest impact on vision is color. The reason why we are easily influenced by colors is that our manners are influenced by emotions.  The reason why color can affect people’s mental state and the mood is that colors originate from nature. With the development of society, more and more substances that affect people’s perception of color. People’s perception of color is also getting more complicated.  Today we want to share…

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    83m² Nordic Style Home Decoration Ideas

    Nordic style decoration style refers to the art design styles of northern European countries.  the country includes Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Today we share an 83 square meters house of Nordic style home decor. The nordic style is famous for simple style. It has the biggest effect on later Minimalism and Postmodernism styles. In 2020 the industrial style home decorations are a trend. We have collected simple ideas for the nordic style ideas below. the main color for the house is light grey. With some wooden furniture and green plants. It makes the house looks simple but cozy. Scandinavian style marries modern design and natural elements to create…

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    Fresh Green Color Home Decor Ideas

    Today we want to share with you a 69 square meters house decoration ideas. The whole house is based on white with some fresh green color. It creates a natural and relaxing space for family members. There is no very complicated design, but it looks very comfortable. I believe you will also like these home decor ideas. The concept of “return to nature” is the hot trend in interior design in recent years. Green is definitely the color that best represents nature, and it is also an important embellishment color in Spring. Below home decor ideas has Collected some tender green furniture. The vision is like sending away the cold…

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    Comfortable Grey Color Home Decoration Ideas

    This is my personal favorite style in recent days. The deep grey color home decoration ideas sometimes make you feel cold. Below home decor ideas look simple but spend a lot of money. It cost much on materials, design, and furniture. It will bring you some feeling to the retro style. No matter how popular color changes every year, gray can always occupy a place. It is playing a very important role for designers, and it is also one of the most respected design styles today. Today I want to share the work with you, let’s see how they use high-grade gray to create a house full of texture and…

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    How to Design and Decorate the American Fresh Style Home?

    This is an ordinary single-family home in California, USA. When we talked about the American Style Home. What appears first in your mind?  Is it a complex home decoration? No, nowadays, many American people go for simple can easy home decor ideas. American fresh style home decoration not only allows us to appreciate the elements of American style but also create a natural and fresh home decoration effect. How to design and decorate the American fresh style home? Please check below home decor ideas, hope you can get some inspirations from our post. The whole home is mainly white, and the table and chair prefer wood, supplemented by chic elements…

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    Bright Yellows Furniture Brighten Up the Dull Home

    When I first time saw below pictures of the bright yellow color home decor ideas. I feel it is so amazing. This bright color make me feel happy and warm. I think I need it.  We have made the living room, dining room, kitchen into the open space. And you can see the bright yellow color make the entire home brighten. It makes the home more vivid. The yellow color is lively and enthusiastic, and it is very suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. But please noted that the yellow color can not use too much in the bedroom. The bedroom needs some calm colors. Such as dark blue, dark…

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    38㎡ Full of Function about Small Apartment

    Today we want to share you a 38m² apartment. The house shape is square. It is small but functional. How to design the area of 38 square meters? Let’s enjoy it together! The main color of the decoration is grey and white. A simple style for young people. The bedroom-living room-kitchen is visually separated. That makes a house is full of shine. The whole space is black and white as the background, gray-blue as the theme, and dark furniture, which forms a calm atmosphere. And it has a balcony! The work area is set by the balcony, and the light is very good.