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Charming Avocado Green Home Design Features

In the hot Summer, no matter in your clothes or your home decor, if you can add some green colors in your life. It will make you feel a little cool. So in recent days, the Avocado Green color for home decor is a trend in 2020. Now, please follow us to check some ideas about the Avocado Green home decor ideas.

Living room

The living room is an open area and the wall covering the largest area. Normally, the lighting area in the living room is large. In the Summer, you will have the biggest feeling of the sunshine in the living room that will make you feel like living in a high-temperature house.

Tips:if the wall decorated in deep color, you can choose some light color furniture to make your house more lighting. You would better to choose some small decorations for that. The embellishment in a small area not only looks agile but also can be changed at any time according to the season and mood.


The bedroom is the most important place for us. It is a place for us to rest and relax. We can add some green embellishment. If the bedroom is small, we can customize an Avocado Green wardrobe and add some green plants.


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