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Should We Add Some Plants in Our Home

Today we want to share with you a home decor idea about the Modern Industrial style. The house is located in Moscow, Russia.  The area of the house is 50.8㎡. The living room is 19.2 ㎡. The bedroom is 9.8㎡. bathroom 5.1 ㎡. kitchen 10.2㎡. The whole style of the house is Calm and simple.

And the decor elements are not only the Rebar, cement, black-gray metal elements. As we can see from the image, the big wall is white color. and the cabinets in Kitchen are in a light color.  and the bathroom is in the Dark green wall paint. I think the most important is the blue color chairs and the green plant in the living room.

The plants make the room is more Livingly. Houseplants actually improve indoor air quality. Dry indoor air is blamed for a host of ailments like respiratory problems, sore throats, colds, and even breakouts. Indoor plants help to maintain, and in some cases increase, humidity levels by emitting water vapor during transpiration.


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